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Be Careful What You Wish For

Everything has a cost and value. Keep that in mind when you make your list of wants.

Cell phone = bill = liability

Pet = $$$ = liability 

House = $$$$ = liability 

All of these costs start to add up. Then there is your emotional bank account. That thing you try to ignore most of the time, but always creeps up on you. In quiet moments. After an argument. When the cat chews up your phone charger chord.

Money can help you find happiness, but it can also cause so much stress. You live in your house full of things that need maintaining. The lights that need electricity. Your precious phone with its screen made of glass. The clothes on your back. All of these things that require more and more money. 

Where does it come from? The universe is abundant. How much money do you actually need? If you found a comfy number, would you be satisfied with never making more? Does anyone need more than $100,000. A million? Surely no one needs a billion. What if everyone made the same amount of money for every kind of work. Would that cause anarchy? Maybe, or it could even the playing field for more individuals to excel. 

Do we want to succeed because it’s so hard? Or is it hard because everyone wants to succeed? 

Start calculating things in advance. Develop systems. For example, the things you use most are the products to buy in bulk. Toilet paper, soap, laundry detergent. The more you buy, the cheaper it can be per unit, especially if you catch a sale. 

Hint: Buying in bulk almost guarantees another sale happening before you run out. 

Let’s say you bought a 12 pack of toilet paper and now you’re down to 4 rolls. Start looking at toilet paper again. Even if it’s not on sale now, it could be next week. Plus, you started your search early enough that you’re not in dire need. Do that for all your needs and you will spend a lot less over time. 

Create a system for your life. Find what works for you. 

I do not make in depth to-do lists. I try to create habits over time. One example would be cleaning the house. I know that if I don’t clean, mice and other critters will come for a visit. Because of that, I try to clean a little bit everyday. I will check the clothes bin and put on a load of clothes if it’s full. If the fridge is particularly dirty, I will give it a thorough clean out. Keep a good rotation and you won’t reach the point where everything is a mess and you don’t know where to start.

The same goes for your side endeavors. Make a system that works for you. If you want to write a book, figure out what it will be about. I brainstorm the main idea quickly and create bullet points on a timeline for myself. This scene will happen and then she will meet the love of her life and so on. Some people go on to map out how she meets the love of her life, what his name is and what his father’s name is. And that is fine. Whatever works for you. However, I find that if I spend too much time brainstorming, I never get to the writing. So, I get to know the basics. Who is the main character? What are they trying to accomplish and why? Who stops them along the way? Who helps them? Once I know the basics, I plan the rest as I go and the piece becomes a puzzle I’m trying to solve.

You say you want it all, be willing to work for it. Be willing to find what works. Stop saying life is too hard. I can’t get what I want. Figure out how you can. Spend less time thinking and planning, and start doing. And in doing you will find motivation and inspiration and the will to keep going.

Make A Wish 


“Who are you?” I ask the brown haired, pale, human male watching me sleep. I sit up and realize he should not be able to see me at all. “Better question, how can you see me?”

“I was provided magical contacts,” he replies pointing to his grassy green eye.
My brows knit together because what he said did not make any sense. “Magical what?”

“A special lens that allows humans to see your kind.” His eyes continue to scrutinize my every move and thin pink lips form a wide, creepy smile. Why is this human smiling at me? How did I get here? Question after question fills my mind and I have no clue where to start.
For the first time, I take a moment to look around the room. The layout is simple, spacious and neat. I squirm on the edge of a soft, bouncy bed with a thick blanket. Many objects I do not recognize like the large black rectangle with buttons and cords coming out of it like tentacles.  

“And who are you?” I repeat.

“Alexander, your new master. You can call me Xander or Xan.”

“My what?” I ask though I heard him clearly. He speaks nonchalantly as if this kind of thing happens to him all the time. 

“Change to your human form so I can take these out,” he commands and I am oddly inclined to oblige as if he has cast a spell over me. Why do I feel like I must obey him? I am too vulnerable in my human form, so I fight the urge, but ultimately, my head rings painfully and only subsides after I transform. 
What the hell is going on here?

“That’s better.” He tilts his head back and pulls a layer of some clear substance from his eyes. Each lens is deposited into a small white container. “They were starting to get dry.”

“Tell me what is going on!” I shout angrily and he laughs, adding to my rage. 

“A sketchy man in a cloak sold me this along with the contacts,” he says pointing to a glass lamp sitting on a shelf above a wooden desk. Memories come flooding back of delicate glass prisons. “I thought it was a scam like everything else at the Bazaar, but turns out magic is real.”

“W-what year is it?” I fear the answer. The last thing I remember are hooded intruders crashing through my home and knees crushing my spine, keeping me glued to the ground. Lines of a terrible curse floated on the air and forced me into a deep sleep.

“2019. October 22nd to be exact,” he replies and I feel like I’m going to throw up. 

Almost a hundred years have gone by and the world is spinning faster and faster or is that in my head? Where are my parents? My brother and sisters? Why was I kept inside the lamp for so long? The endless list of questions continues to grow with each passing second.

“Release me!” I demand.

His lips curl up into a devilish grin and his eyes become slits. “Not before I have some fun first.”

“Magic is not a child’s toy. There can be many adverse effects.” I try to play to his logical side, hoping to scare him. 

“I can handle it. Especially with you to help me,” Alexander replies undeterred.
I roll my eyes and groan. My father had warned us about our kind being trapped in lamps and forced to serve humans, but I never believed it would happen. Having always feared humans, the last thing I want to do is be a slave to one, but what choice do I have? 

“What is your desire?” I ask unenthusiastically.

“Every hero needs riches.”

“Never heard of that requirement,” I mumble as I conjure a sack of gold coins into his greedy upturned palms.

“Do I look like a pirate? What am I supposed to do with these?” he asks shaking the bag.

I cross one leg over the other. I may have to obey him, but I do not have to make it easy for him. “You asked for money. I gave it to you.” 

“Guess I have to be more specific.”
I smile at his cleverness and shake my head. “Specificity only goes as far as my memories allow. I cannot duplicate something I have never seen.”

“You’re like a child. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how the world works.” His words are overly sweet like candy cobwebs and add to my nausea. “We’re going out. I want to show you off. First let’s find something for you to wear.”

Alexander grabs a flat, black, rectangular object and lifts the top, creating two rectangles. He presses tiny squares with letters and images appear. Shuffling through them, he settles on one a few minutes later. A pale woman with long legs stands draped in a short white dress with red flowers. Under her arm she clutches a thin, square, red bag and white, strappy high heels adorn her feet.

“I don’t feel comfortable in this form around humans. Why can you not stick those magical contact things back in your eyes?”

“Don’t be so uptight,” he says, making little of my discomfort. “This will suit you. Put it on.” After studying the picture for a moment, I conjure the outfit onto my body. A few seconds later, another image materialises on the black rectangle. “Now the hair.” 

“What’s wrong with my hair?” I ask my voice rising an octave.

“Makes your face look chunky,” he replies with no regard for my feelings. Though the meaning of the word ‘chunky’ eludes me, his insulting tone does not. I scowl as my hair grows in loose waves past my shoulders, stopping at my mid back. 

“Where are we going?” I grumble.

“I’ll keep that a surprise,” he replies while clicking away on his picture device. “Commit this to memory.” 

An image of a big red object I can’t even begin to describe appears. “It’s too complicated. I would need to see a real one.”

“Fine. We’ll have to make a pitstop at the Ferrari dealership on the way then. Meet me outside,” he says pointing to the window. “My mom would ask too many questions.”

A few minutes later we stand outside next to a huge blue object similar to the last image. He pulls a latch and a door opens to reveal comfortable looking tan seats, two in the front separated by a bunch of buttons and levers and one long one in the back.

“Get in,” he commands, but I hesitate out of fear. “Now.” 

“Do not rush me,” I say as I sit down on the cool, smooth, material. He shuts the door and walks around and gets in on the other side. At the press of a button, the object begins to vibrate. He plays with a few more buttons and levers and the carriage starts to move.

“This is one of those automobiles!” I declare in recognition, though the one I read about looked vastly different.

“Good job, kohai¹. Though most people call them cars now,” he says pressing the pedals and sending us flying backward. Next the automobile turns and after he plays around with the lever that sits between us, we fly down a gray, paved road. Massive houses with lush grassy yards flash by on streets lined with trees. Hundreds of automobiles travel around us and I watch in awe. Far in the distance, shimmering towers made of glass cluster like crystals. It is clear the world has advanced immensely during my slumber.

Eventually, we stop on a lot filled with shiny cars. Alexander gets out and leads me to a red one that looks particularly expensive. I recognize it from the photo he showed me earlier.

“This is the one,” he says grinning until I shake my head.

“It’s too complicated, Alexander. Too many parts to replicate.”

“Just Xander or Xan,” he reminds me. “Could you convince the dealer to give it to me?”

“Possibly,” I say vaguely, hoping to deter him again. Father always told me stealing was wrong.

“Guess we’ll have to find out,” he replies unconcerned, leading me into a glass building with more automobiles inside. An older man with graying brown hair steps from behind a counter and walks toward us.

“How can I help you folks today?” 

Alexander grabs my hand and smiles so pleasantly, I almost believe the act. “My girlfriend and I were thinking of upgrading to the Virtuo SLX. Could we take it out for a test drive?” Alexander nods at me and I make the dealer more agreeable.

“Certainly. Right this way,” he says leading us back outside. Once we make it back to the car, the dealer opens the passenger door and it tilts upward like the wing of a bird. I take my seat on the soft black interior and he closes it behind me before walking around to open the door on the opposite side. 

“After we pull off, you will forget you ever met us. Isn’t that right, Isabell?”

 I’m surprised to hear my name leave his mouth as I never introduced myself. The aging man stares warily at me through the front window and I nod solemnly, making him forget us. Alexander takes his seat next to me and grabs something that looks like a black stone with three buttons from the dealer before closing the door. He presses a button on the side of the steering wheel and a second later the car vibrates and we leave the lot.

“I could definitely get used to this!” master shouts triumphantly, as we soar down the road. 

¹kohai (japanese)- lowerclassman

Enjoying the story so far? Check out the rest here. Leave feedback in the comments.

I’m Back :)

I have been gone for a while working hard on my first novel. Chapters are released weekly on Wattpad as an ongoing series called ‘Make A Wish’. In future posts I will publish some chapters here with a link to the rest of the story.

Freedom Has A Price Tag

Any beautiful song you hear,
The kind that brings you to tears,
Resonates within your soul,
Tells the story of a stranger’s tragedy.
You feel their hurt and pain
And just maybe a little hope:
The happy ending.

Because that is what we are all subconsciously and consciously searching for:
Our happy ending.
Always wanting good to prevail,
Justice to stand victorious,

But my happy ending isn’t your happy ending.
How do we move forward?
How do we more than coexist?
Does the world have to be a game?
I win.
You lose.
You win.
I lose.
Why can’t we cross the finish line together?

Someone has to be the bigger person,
Be willing to lead.
I don’t know how to lead.
Too scared to take the reigns,
Silently infuriated things are not going my way.
Too scared to change.
Still part of the crowd.

This obsession with being elite

I want to be a creator,
An innovator,
But all I can do is copy what I see.

So self defeating.
This isn’t me!
Leagues of murky water,
To get to the girl trapped at the bottom.
Lost my breath trying to save her,
Floating on the surface.

Take a breath.
My heart still beating.
Warmth of the sun bringing me back to life.
Another chance…

Giving Gratitude A Try


I wanted to whine about how unfair my life is, but I think I’ll try something waaaay more challenging, being grateful.

Things I am thankful for:
-Being alive. Not ready to go yet.
-My boyfriend, Shizzuke, who helps me survive and thrive.
-My Big Sister. You inspire me with your ambition and strength.
-My Mom, a woman who overcame hardships and became successful despite circumstance.
-Wawa, the place that supports me and puts up with me on the days I can’t pretend I want to be there.
-A place to eat and sleep and watch lots of television.
-Finally taking a leap of faith and renting a house.
-The prospect of having more space and freedom.
-Riku, my cat, a sweet, cuddly, ball of fluff.
-The prospect of owning a washer and dryer so maybe I can finally get some of Riku’s hair off my clothes.

Okay so I started getting a little snarky toward the end, but I feel like I did a pretty good job. And an unexpected benefit, I feel less crappy!

Bad weather got you down in the dumps? Give this exercise a try. What are you thankful for today? Thanks for reading.

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The Rut Feels So Real


Life wasn’t what I expected it to be. I guess that’s true of everyone. I’m finding it hard to adapt. I’ve been reckless in the past not thinking before I acted, not pausing before I spoke. I have caused hurt. So I tried to turn everything around.

Be nicer.
Be a better student.
Be polite.
Be respectful.
Be compassionate.

And the lists goes on resulting in my feeling bogged down. I walk on egg shells trying not to rock the boat. I feel like a phony. I know I’m a pessimist on the inside, always appalled by how the world works, but I still try to smile through it all. Because smiling makes you feel happy supposedly.

Are we all really actors on a grand stage? The routine of life makes me feel like a robot. In the coming months I plan to break the cycle of monotony with a few projects I’m working on. Any advice for a budding blogger/artist/fiction writer/singer?

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Worry Appointments?

I woke up this morning feeling anxious. My “weekend” is over and it’s back to work tonight. I work every weekend, but Saturday always tends to be an annoyingly busy day and on tip of that, I end up working with the ragtag team of coworkers who happened not to have plans. So basically, I never know what I’m going to get and sorry Forest Gump, but that’s not always a good thing.

In my search to find a way to destress before I clock in, I found an article about scheduling worry appointments. You schedule two ten minute pockets of time out of your day to worry about anything you want. The author also suggests standing in front of a full length mirror while you do and say your worries out loud. Unfortunately, I don’t have a full length mirror, but I’m hoping it’ll work without it. Regardless, I like the idea of having more control over my tendency to worry at the most inconvenient times.

Have you ever tried scheduling a worry appointment? If so, did it help with your anxiety?

Thanks for reading,

Craving Sweet Relief

I am young and old.
New and everchanging,
Used goods.
I am worn and weary,
Floating on a river of self pity,
Hoping the rapids wash me away into daybreak;
A new day born with gallons of hope.
Calm takes over and the quiet doesn’t feel menacing.
No more struggle.
No more pain.

But I am here,
In this world.
No running away.
Playing safe is a rapid demise.
Hiding under the covers,
Afraid of the demons in the darkness.
Grabbing my ankles.
Dragging me under.
I scream and try to bite and scratch my way out,
Until the day I am floating in the clouds.

Keep fighting.

10 Quirky Ways To Save Money

With tax season at hand, everyone is looking for ways to keep a little extra money in their pockets. Here are some great ways to get more cash and make it last:

  • Tax breaks are a good way to bring in extra cash and there are a lot of them if you’re able to provide the right paperwork.  Need uniforms for work? They could be a tax write off. The same goes for donating clothes to good will and moving expenses. It may be too late to cash in on some of these this year, but start saving important tax documents now and you could see a lot more money next year. Want more tax breaks? Check out this site.
  • AvacadoLearning to make beauty products can be very inexpensive and gives you a lot of creative freedom. You could tailor your products to work best for your particular skin and hair needs and best of all, you know exactly what went into them. No more long ingredients list of odd chemicals you’ve never heard of. Don’t know where to start? Here are some great DIY hair recipes.
  • Maybe you don’t feel like always making your own products. You could also try stretching the ones you have. Add a little water to your shampoo when it starts to get low. It will still provide plenty of suds, and could save you lots of money over time. I also add cheap olive oil to my lotion, but if you prefer to go oil free, you could try using water instead, being careful not to make it too runny. This works best with products that are thick.
  • Another great way to make some extra cash is by throwing “donation” parties. Maybe you’re trying to save up for a house or a car. Enlist friends to help by throwing a party and charging a small fee at the door. For refreshments, you could choose a meal that’s cheap to make in bulk, like spaghetti or pizza. Kool-Aid and water could be the main drinks. Spice it up by making your own punch mixture. You could also ask your friends to bring cheap snacks like chips and popcorn.  Invite enough people and the party will more than pay for itself.

Check out the rest at  DW: Au Natural


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